Heedless Diagram


Heedless Diagram

from 130.00
  • Prints can be purchased either framed or unframed. Please select framing option below.
  • Prints are two colour waterless lithographs on 140gsm Zerkall paper.
  • Printed on a flat bed press with Gans rubber based ink.
  • Ink colours are Pantone Warm Red and Pantone Black
  • Limited edition. 1 of 4.
  • Paper size unframed is 380mm x 530mm. 
  • Framed size is 457mm x 610mm.
  • Frames are sourced from my friends at Frames Ready Made


  • Framed prints can only be delivered to Melbourne metro area.

  • Unframed prints can be shipped worldwide via Australia Post.

  • These prints are handmade. They may slightly differ from each other and from the photograph shown here.

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